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Jason Tillery

Jason is a highly skilled and creative individual with a strong passion for building custom homes. His unique talents and background make him well-suited for this field.

  1. Naturally Creative: Jason's natural creativity is a valuable asset when it comes to designing custom homes. Creative thinking can lead to innovative and unique solutions for buyers looking for something special in their residences.

  2. Affable Personality: Being affable means Jason is likely approachable and easy to work with. This is essential when collaborating with clients, as effective communication and a friendly demeanor can make the process smoother and more enjoyable.

  3. 3D Thinking: Jason's ability to think in 3D is a significant advantage in the world of construction and architecture. This skill helps him visualize and conceptualize spatial layouts and designs effectively, which is crucial when planning and building custom projects.

  4. Educational Background: His educational background is solid, with a bachelor's degree in construction management from Michigan State University and an MBA from Georgia State University. These qualifications provide a strong foundation in both the technical and business aspects of home building.

  5. Experience: Jason has decades of experience in building various types of homes, from single family, duplexes, and townhomes, demonstrates his expertise and adaptability. This diverse portfolio suggests that he can tackle a wide range of projects and client preferences.

Overall, Jason is a well-rounded professional in the field of custom home building, combining his natural talents, education, and extensive experience to help  dream homes to fruition.

Administrative Staff

Tina Slaton

Construction Assistant & Warranty Specialist

Susan Sanchez

Cheif Financial Officer

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